Bye St. John's

Project Overview:
​​​​​​​My team and I did a linkage project for Target and had the opportunity to collaborate with a copywriting student. St. John's local businesses have lost to larger companies and corporations throughout time. We want to encourage our target audience to support local businesses more. Our campaign's idea is for St. John's Board of Trade to ask St. john's residents to donate their money to Amazon.

Wild Postings

We started our campaign by having these wild postings posted downtown in St. John's. Our wild postings consist of reasons people should donate to Amazon, and with the help of the hashtags, URL, and the QR code, it will help reach out to our target audience and make them curious about what our campaign is trying to say.

Microsite Landing page

Once they scan the QR code from the wild postings, they will redirect people to the microsite that we have built, containing the information about the campaign.

Social Media

These are the responses that we would anticipate when our target audiences interact with the campaign.

Window Decals

Tote bags

Buy St. John's or Bye St. John's

We expanded our campaign slogan by designing window decals and tote bags as a way for the campaign to be remembered by the people in St. John's.

Logo redesign for St. John's Board of Trade

Branding mockups for St. John's Board of Trade.

In collaboration with:
Ryan Paterson (Copywriter)
Ekene Oduh (Art Director)
Andrew Reutsky (Art Director)
Kim Gabriel Marfil (Graphic Designer)

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